After completing Esmeralda Expedition, filming the documentary ‘Keepers of Knowledge’ with Marco Giometti and descending on a kayak the mighty Rio Negro in the deep Brazilian Amazon, Francesco Magistrali is now in the midst of the preparations for his next project: ‘WALKING SOUTH AMERICA’.

He will travel on foot the SOUTH AMERICAN CONTINENT, from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean, crossing the legendary Atacama Desert – the driest place on the planet – and the Cordillera of the Andes. Then he will traverse the unique subtropical territories of the Gran Chaco Argentino to finally reach the flat lands of Uruguay.

An odyssey of 5 months. A path full of beauty, research and meetings.

WALKING, as a minimalistic act.

WALKING, as the most direct form to MEET, KNOW, DISCOVER and SHARE.

An amazing journey, a wealth of experience and knowledge that will be the basis for a real COLLECTIVE ADVENTURE, during and after the expedition itself.

The expedition will touch geographical areas that differ from each other by climate, environment, population, habits and customs. During the trip, Francesco will have the opportunity to touch all these different realities and SHARE them LIVE thanks to the latest satellite technology.

WALKING SOUTH AMERICA will be a rare opportunity to collect data and info about some of today’s crucial issues:


Thus, thanks to his team, sponsors, media partners, scientific partners, the walk of Francesco doesn’t end by reaching the shores of the Atlantic Ocean: it continues well beyond. Back HOME, Francesco and his team will share their knowledge and skills in a myriad of scenarios: outdoor/environmental education activities and programs, events, a book, radio and TV interviews, speeches and much more. All in line with the Beyond Exploration’s mission.