Beyond Exploration is a deep concept that expresses a lifestyle. 

It’s clear that Planet Earth, with its oceans, deserts, forests, mountains and vastness has been nearly totally explored. Furthermore it’s clear that with due respect to famous explorers and legendary adventure men that have made History, we must remember how remarkably difficult and unrepeatable those feats are.

And in this crucial moment exploration can and has to continue: beyond traditional exploration itself.

This means that exploration today is not about tracing new routes, discovering unharmed land, or conquering virgin peaks anymore. It’s about a cultural operation, that ideally unites internal adventure to the investigation of the outside reality.

Expansion of self knowledge and of our cultural and environmental heritage of which we are the keepers is the explorative adventure that brings us to acquire, master and use the instruments to make the future of the world better. Its well being is in fact at risk. Ancient cultures and local traditions are in some cases risking extinction. It’s imperative that all of us, especially the young generations, be more aware of these epoch-making issues.

Beyond exploration is a team of professionals from various backgrounds. The two key elements that tie together deeply these people are humanity and environment. Through journeys and expeditions, documentary projects, disclosure and information, their mission is to approach the young and the adults of the world, with the aim to educate, inspire, involve them to make the world a better place.